Thanksgiving. Gathering Potential Sharing the future


“NAR listed Thanks meeting “—Global industry peak forum” was held grandly by Shanghai NAR Industrial Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Zhangjiang hi-tech innovation service center in Shanghai Hongqiao Yuanyi Hilton Hotel. The forum was discussed by the topic as “Thanksgiving.Gathering potential,  Sharing the future”, focused on “New trend and new future”. Several senior experts in Printing Industry made the speech and shared the experience. More than five hundred guests from more than twenty countries gathered together and witnessed NAR stepping into Time 3.0.  

Trend: ”Pringting ecology and industry landscape”sub-forum

    From products market to capital market and from the improvement of material to the developing trend of future, for the hot points in industry ,we invited several enterprise representatives and experts to make the speech, choosing the most professional topic with the most professional view. The wonderful topic and actual case sharing by them brought about one significant thought feast.

    Mr.Dingguo Zhang, president of Shanghai Advertising Equipment Suppliers Association and general manager of Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co.,Ltd subordinated by Expo Group, made the speech.

No empty seats at conference site 

Future: ”Transportation Media Business and innovation of business model” sub-forum

    It seems that the construction and perfection of modern transportation promotes China entering the fast developing time. A large number of people make the transportation media business become the new market scrambled by different enterprises. 

    In the meeting, Mr. Hui Fan, marketing director of Shanghai Shentong Decau Metro

Advertising Co., Ltd., made the speech of ‘Media Innovation of Metro’; Mr. Jingxin Gao, Dr. and Secretary general of intelligent transportation and innovation center in Shanghai Jiaotong University made the speech of the cooperation between produce and study under new transportation; Mr. Bin Yu, deputy general manager of ‘MA SHANG MA Shanghai Internet technology company limited’ made the speech of ‘Sharing of new business model trend in transportation innovation’; Mrs. Wen Zhou, customer service manager of ‘Shentong Assets Media Plan department’, made the speech of innovation service model exploration and practice on basis of intelligent metro.

Thanksgiving.Gathering Sharing the future

    On November 29th ,2016, Shanghai NAR Industrial Co.,Ltd. Listed A shares of small and medium in Shenzhen stock exchange officially. To thanks for the support from society, NAR arranged the wonderful activity and there are continuous highlight in the meeting.

Mr. Weigang Wang, deputy director of Shanghai free trade area Zhangjiang authority and Shanghai Zhangjiang hi-tech area authority, made the speech.

Mrs. Qian Zhou, general manager of Shanghai Shentong Decau Metro Advertising Co.,Ltd., made the speech.

Mr. Ron Gilboa, Director of Keypoint intelligence product printing department, made the speech of ‘In global view of the business under digital printing’.

Mr. Aiguo You, founder and president of NAR, made the speech of

‘Thanksgiving.Gathering   Sharing the future’.

Each no-dancing day means the beungrateful to life. It was used to explain the seek for moving forward by Mr. Aiguo You ,President of NAR.

    President You described in his speech, ‘NAR will redefine the industry in global view, participate in the competition in higher level and rebuild the industry rules by company platform and government’s support. We will compete not only on the products, but will be upgraded to the industrial cooperation Time 3.0. With capital integration, new products and enterprise can be grafted to company platform to improve company fame fast, make more people know the products and finally improve the value.

China first digital printing funds establishment sign ceremony

    NAR, supported by Shanghai Zhangjiang hi-tech area authority, together with Shanghai Zhangjiang hi-tech innovation service center, Shanghai Huirong Investment Holding Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Lanye Industry Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Huiyan Invest Management Co.,Ltd investing RMB100million, established China first digital printing funds to hatch new industrial innovation enterprises in digital printing, become the first platform showing abroad products enter China and share the resources, data, capital in industry.

Opening ceremony of NAR South China distribution center set up—signing of NAR exclusive distribution in Guangdong province

 Award ceremony of NAR China

Full of passion, beautiful lights and elegant performance made the thanks meeting full of colorful.

    President You Aiguo said, he thanked this time, thanked the people ever fought with him, thanked everyone ever helped him and NAR. NAR will hold six Thanks meeting in this year and set up one million poverty alleviation funds and innovation funds to help people who need help, passing the love. 

    The magnificent meeting blew the song of NAR harmonious WIN-WIN ecological industry chain, danced the new page of NAR becoming the global excellent digital printing material suppliers. President You Aiguo wish to lead to NAR essential change—continue developing main business by trend; explore supply chain cooperation by circumstances; keep innovation and improve business wider and future, enter the Time 3.0.